Artist James Davis

A good work of art should do two things. It should dominate a room and demand the attention of those present. Art should draw out that quiet coworker who never seems to say much and stir inside him a desire to speak. And art should stun and silence that friend of yours who never seems to shut up.

My hope and goal is that my work subtly shocks you. I hope it makes you pause and think. Maybe ask questions. Possibly find answers. Whatever my art does, I hope you enjoy it.

Works In Progress

The most current sculpture is similar in size to the one pictured here.  The difference, however is that it is solid cherry.  I love cherry.  It actually deepens in color over time as it is exposed to sunlight and air.  The older it gets the more elegant it becomes.

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Bolts the Robot

Bolts is a wooden robot created from a reclaimed piece of rough cedar. The block of wood was found in the attic of my father’s woodworking shop, an example of how the man used to save almost anything to create something new with.  Bolts was created as an experiment in social sharing. Because so much of the world is now connected through social media and the internet, we can easily share anything we enjoy. Some items, objects, and persons become symbols in the internet subculture.

Out Date Cancer

My personal masterpiece is quite possibly one of the oddest things to bring up in casual conversation. I still have a hard time not laughing when I tell people I’m an artist (It was never planned), and I get even stranger looks when I tell people I own my own dating website.

What Others Are Saying

The wooden sculptures are bold and strong, yet at the same time bring warmth to the walls they decorate... Whether he is building art from wood, dressing up as broccoli or racing for jewels there is no doubt that James will do whatever it takes...

Emma Carr
Mesquite News

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