To be perfectly honest, I never planned on becoming an artist.  It just sort of happened by mistake.  But then, perhaps I was always an artist?

In college I taught myself some woodworking skills and enjoyed building and designing random different projects.  From hand cut picture frames to dovetailed jewelry boxes, I loved building things from scratch.  I certainly knew enough skills that I could easily call myself a woodworker, though it never occurred to me to call myself an artist.  A few years ago this changed, as did my direction in life.  Through facebook I was chatting with a friend of a friend, someone I had never met, and she was looking through my pictures of random things I had made.  She told me my wall sculpture was beautiful.  I had no idea what a wall sculpture even was.  I didn’t know that I had made anything that fancy.  This realization launched a discussion that lead me into the wonderful, intimidating, demanding, and joyous world of art.

It is my belief that a good work of art should do two things.  It should dominate a room and demand the attention of those present.  Art should draw out that quiet coworker who never seems to say much and stir inside him a desire to speak.  And art should stun and silence that friend of yours who never seems to shut up.

As an artist I still work with wood.  I believe that wood is warmth.  There are amazing works of art being made in the world, but nothing ever comes close to the connection we have with wood.  Mankind has been working with wood since the dawn of time.  We are connected to wood just as we are to dogs and fire.  Metal has a cold industrial feel that wood can never be accused of.  No matter the age, no matter the type, wood is simply inviting.  And it is this invitation which draws me in, and makes me fantasize and dream.

My hope and goal is that my work subtly shocks you.  I hope it makes you pause and think.  Maybe ask questions.  Possibly find answers.  Whatever my art does, I hope you enjoy it.