Bolts the Robot

bolts avatar

Bolts is a wooden robot created from a reclaimed piece of rough cedar.  The block of wood was found in the attic of my father’s woodworking shop, an example of how the man used to save almost anything to create something new with.

bolts1 was created as an experiment in social sharing.  Because so much of the world is now connected through social media and the internet, we can easily share anything we enjoy.  Some items, objects, and persons become symbols in the internet subculture.





Bolts is simply Bolts, and alone, without the sharing of his travels, he is a cool looking wood robot.  But the artistic value behind Bolts is not just the object itself but rather the connection of those who enjoy his existence, and how they share that joy with others.  The art behind is more about the enjoyment of Bolts, rather than he himself.

In the end, I believe Bolts will end up alone, in my garden, guarding it from garden zombies.  They’re always after my Graaaaiiiiiiins