ODC postcard

Everyone should have one gigantic masterpiece that they focus on and devote themselves to.  I think of this not as a carrot hanging from a stick that must be always chased after, but instead as a fueling fire that drives an individual towards greatness.  The masterpiece of mine has little to do with art, but I use my art to fund it and help shape it.

My personal masterpiece is quite possibly one of the oddest things to bring up in casual conversation.  I still have a hard time not laughing when I tell people I’m an artist (It was never planned), and I get even stranger looks when I tell people I own my own dating website.

Why create yet another dating site?  I feel that  current dating sites have done an excellent job of creating a means to group together large amounts of people in one location, but they have failed to help these people communicate effectively.  A better site could help people connect to one another in a more personal way.  Dating websites rely too much on silly things such as personality tests and questionnaires.  The industry needs to evolve into something more complex and human to truly help people create what is important with matchmaking: Chemistry.

In January of 2013 I launched OutDateCancer.com, a free dating site devoted to 2 principles:

  1. Help people better communicate, attract, and therefore create chemistry naturally
  2. Help raise massive amount of money for cancer research charities

The beauty of OutDateCancer is that it is open to pretty much anyone, regardless of their personal connection with the struggle against cancer.  More so than that, online dating sites make massive amounts of money and have access to a large population of users who can be marketed to.  This means that not only will OutDateCancer be able to personally donate to new cancer research charities on a regular basis, but will also be able to recruit people for real-world activities such as TeamInTraining, Relay for Life, Race for the Cure, or other excellent services.

I invite you to join OutDateCancer.com.  Right now, the site is in a building phase.  The website is pretty basic, but will improve as the user base grows. Best of all, it is a *FREE* dating website and will continue to be so.